benchmarks' board of Trustees

Benchmarks' Board of Trustees determines and oversees key policies for the association in conjunction with the President and Chief Operating Officer. The Board of Trustees has a number of responsibilities consistent with the organization’s bylaws.  The board approves the annual budget and audit, and notifies the membership at its annual meeting of the recommended budget and dues for the coming year.   Benchmarks' Board of Trustees oversees the work and policy products of its standing committees. Additionally, the Board of Trustees approves new members based on the recommendation of the President/CEO. All Board of Trustees members serve on a voluntary basis and are elected for three year terms unless replacing a trustee.  Members are limited to two concurrent terms, and board membership is required to reflect, to the extent possible, the diversity of the membership as concerns size, geographic location and nature of services.   One Trustee must be elected from agencies that provide services as follows: residential care, foster care, juvenile justice care, and community-based services. The current Board of Trustees for Benchmarks is as follows:

Annie Smith
Youth Villages

Celeste Dominguez
Children's Hope Alliance

Tara Larson
Cansler Collaborative Resources

Scott Keller
Residential Services, Inc.

Gary Bass
Pride in North Carolina, LLC.

Vernon Walters
Immediate Past-Chair
Nazareth Child & Family Connection

Vickie Yelverton
Yelverton's Enrichment Services, Inc.

Reynolds (Tad) Clodfelter
SouthLight Healthcare

Luanne Welch
Easter Seals UCP